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Beltane Entwinement ~ Weaving Together ~ Tying the Knot טקס שזירה

30th April 2021

“Tying the hands together symbolises that the two people have come together and the untying means that they remain together of their own free will.”

Some words to accompany the stunning pictures of Efi Yosefi אפי יוספי - צלם | Efi Yosefi - Photographer, who blessed us with his presence and humility...

Overflowing joy and laughter! Be easy, take your time, you are coming home to yourself, coming home to yourself... Community of participation - sharing the ripples of love - celebrating love is not only for the couple… all our prayers are welcome and heard The awe of gratitude - giving, receiving. Wow. And Wow. Again and Again The rutting stag, the womb of all creation Sheva Brachot to tie the knot… Entwinement Maypole!!!!! ...A ruckus affair is Beltane Shany Goren THE QUEEEEEN!! Sisters and family, loving and supporting from afar Caroline Gilbert Family loving and supporting from up close

And most importantly, my beloved, Noam. Thank you for our love. A love with deep roots, love that is a home, love with enormous heart and great, great respect. A partnership that we built from the ground up, from the nitty, gritty working the field to the harvesting amazing, delicious fruits and flowers. And it’s only just the beginning, my love...


Second hand dress re-designed to perfection by the amazing hands of the one and only בהדרה-שמלות כלה אקולוגיות Bhadra Adi Goldshmit

Handmade green velvet cape (unfortunately not pictured) and Noam's beautiful green waistcoast by the uber talented Otter Otter

Decorations made my our loving decoration team - fabric re-purposed fro Wizo charity shop Pardes Hana ויצו כרכור פרדס חנה, special thanks to Eilat, Tali Schweppe and Naama Lindenbaum for their love and patience. And to Omri Rubisa Front Photography פרונט צילום for his incredible videography.

Chalice hand-made by Tamar Narkiss, aka. The Elder, aka the Mother of the May King!

Ceremony co-creation by Charlie & Noam, inspired by the work of: Kohenet Rachel Rose Reid, Tressabelle, Goddess and Green Man, Patti Wigington and Heron Michelle Reid.

With facilitation and support by Miriam Turmalin, The Grand Priestess and Nahar-Eliyah Rachel Mendelson, The Fool - a winning, magical combination!!!

Special thanks to May Fox Miryam Sidikman and Anick Landau-Ezer for countless support.

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