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Storytelling as Medicine - Experiential Journey

Discover the power of this ancient art form

in an immersive, creative journey...


In stories we find timeless wisdom - folk tales, fairy tales, myths and true stories from all over the world,

that can educate, inspire, heal and entertain.


This journey explores the many faces of storytelling and is made

for explorers, facilitators, enthusiasts, artists, storytellers...

You might be:

a parent who adores telling stories by the bedside; 

an educator who aspires to light up the room with a tale;

a therapist who wishes to enrich their practice with a new flavour;

a performer who would like to dazzle listeners with their magic!


But really, it’s for EVERYONE AND ANYONE whom this unique work calls to.


What will we explore, create and discover?


Storytelling as ORIGINS


~ The evolution of storytelling: why storytelling?  How long on Earth have we humans been doing this for?!

~ What is the essence of a story and why are we as individuals/a collective drawn to exploring this ancient art form?

~ Exploring those who have walked and told before us: “the backspace”


Storytelling as MAGIC


~ Image: “I-the-MAGE.”  Deep and playful work with the imagination 

~ Create, excavate and discover a personal image medicine treasure chest -

  for our personal benefit, for storytelling and story creation. Allies & Shadows

~ Abracadabra: the power of the word to move mountains

~ Presence: part 1 


Storytelling as ME


~ True Stories: the special nature of telling our true stories. The gift of hearing others biographies

~ Voice: finding and discovering our uniqueness and what on Earth we have to say!?

~ My Life as a River: exploring our life story and recording moments in time through story

~ Bridging the Myth: where does our story end and the fairytale begin?


Storytelling as CRAFT


~ Toolkit: acquiring a range of tools specific to this art form, gathering along the way throughout the journey.

~ Inspiration: the magical cup of coffee

~ It belongs to Everyone: inspiration or plagiarism? Creativity versus cultural appropriation?

  Acknowledging, crediting and asking permission.

~ Boundaries: the sharing is caring nature of storytelling, versus respecting the no.


Storytelling as LISTENING


~ The Art of Listening: “in order to be a good storyteller you need to first be a good story listener.”

~ Listening to the Silence: empathy and voices from beyond

~ Presence part 2 (although maybe really part one!).


Storytelling as HEALING (Medicine)


~ Storytelling as Medicine: creating medicine stories for ourselves, others and the world.

~ The 3 Questions: what are we here for? And if not now, when?  Stewardship and personal responsibility.
~ The One that Knows: the innate healer within. 


Who is guiding the journey?


Charlie Kesem is a storyteller, facilitator and producer, spreading the message of creativity as a catalyst for transformation.  


Originally from the leafy suburbs of North London, she trained at the International School of Storytelling in Forest Row, England, as well as The Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education, London.


She delivers magic through performance arts, workshop facilitation, education and community building, in Israel, the UK and Europe.

**Already completed.
Contact me to express interest
in the next journey**

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