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My great passion for spinning stories, and being an avid "story listener",  compels me to pass on the wisdom that has (and still is) passed to me.

With gratitude and credit to my teachers: Roi Gal-Or, Abbie Palache, Sue Hollingsworth, The School of Storytelling and Rachel Rose Reid.

I offer workshops and courses, for community and team building, for facilitators, performers, educators, parents and indeed anyone who is called to delve into the art, craft and soul of storytelling.

You are invited to read my current workshop offerings below. 

Get in touch to express interest and ask any questions.


True Stories (standalone or series)

It may be a story of our own - hidden under the carpet, abandoned to the forest, or burning inside ready to be told; it may be a story of another - a story not yet given a voice, or one that is simply undiscovered.  Together, we breathe new life into true, untold stories, learning how to invite the listeners in, with presence and authenticity, and find its' place in the collective.  The awe and humanness of hearing each others' stories never ceases to astound and inspire.

Storytelling as Medicine (12 weekly sessions)

Click here for full description.

Also available in a more concise, online format (6 weekly sessions).


Living Myth  (standalone or series)
Where does the traditional tale end and our true story begin?  Is there a difference between them?  What happens when these stories merge, becoming a "Living Myth?"

This work is inspired by my personal experience of fairy tale meeting my own biography, you can view more here.

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Who I've worked with:

The Stage

~ Schools

~ Informal Education - 

  Woodcraft, Camp Kfar, UJAMS

~ Mental Health Settings - Mind 

  in Camden, Recovery College

FACT (Foundation for Art and

  Creative Technology)

3FF (Three Faiths Foundation)

~ Festivals

~ Communities - Alyth, Kehilah

  North London, BBYO,

  Moishe House

  London, Grassroots Jews,

  Limmud UK


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