Witch & The Bear

Musical duo, Witch and the Bear are...

Charlie Kesem (that's me) & Noam Rosenthal (my lovely hubby!).

I sing and write lyrics and Noam (mostly) composes the music and brings it to life with guitar, bass and piano.

Our music takes audiences on a journey through original music, magical stories and folk songs, inspired by the ever-changing seasons and transitions in nature, humanity and time.

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"Good Witch" set list 2.10.21

Slow Down (The Mother’s Response) ~ Lyrics by Kohenet Riv Ranney Shapiro

Mabon ~ By Lisa Thiel

Witchcraft ~ Music by Noam Rosenthal, lyrics by Charlie Kesem

Silent Night ~ Traditional Carol, lyrics unknown

Winter’s Song ~By Susie Ro

Willow ~ Music by Noam Rosenthal, lyrics by Charlie Kesem

Dayenu (More Than Enough) ~ Lyrics by Taya Mâ

Hal-an-to ~ English folk song, collected at the Anthroposophical School in Forest Row

Lotus Flower ~ Music and Lyrics by Charlie Kesem, arrangement by Noam

The Myth of Dusk and Dawn (Estonian) ~ put together by Friedrich Robert Faehlmann

Long Time Sun ~ by Mike Heron from the Incredible String Band,

collected at a workshop in London a long, long time ago!

The Finish Line ~ Music and Lyrics by Charlie, arrangement by Noam

Everything Must Change ~ by Benard Ighner, collected from Rachel Rose Reid