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If you love stories, if you love magic created from a speck of dust well then I really recommend visiting the world that Charlie creates.  Somehow through zoom we actually managed to meet each other in an intimate way, to explore our inner worlds without even realizing how deep we went til after. I personally can attest to how healing all of this has been.

Charlie holds the space and energy of the group with warmth, safety, compassion and passion for the trade that is visible in every sound and face that is expressed by her.  Charlie is a master of this trade and it is a great honor to learn from her.

I really really recommend checking her courses out, if I could I would sign up for a year at least :)
Thank you dear Charlie

Sarah Vaadia, Workshop Participant and Therapist


It was an absolute joy to have Charlie take part in Carnesky's Cabaret... She is an open-hearted and skilled performer with great talents as a storyteller and improviser, and a strong individual vision as an artist

Marisa Carnesky, Artistic Director, Carnesky Productions


I approached Charlie with the goal of creating the story for my second play.  At this point it was just an idea in my head. I wished to solidify it and I was excited and ready to bring it to life. It was so much fun working with Charlie and I felt very safe in her guidance. Together we unraveled the story and learned its' essence and I can say that there was magic in the air!  The session totally exceeded my expectations and I will definitely be working with Charlie on future projects of mine. Thank you!

Alon Prag, Performer, Educator and Trainer, Firefly Theatre


Charlie is knowledgable and patient... She did an excellent job creating a 'safe space'. I would recommend to anyone looking to get out of their comfort zone, learn about storytelling, and develop new techniques for communication. 

Maya Yizhaky, Journalist and Workshop Participant


Charlie has a delightful and deep style of creating art through word, song and warmth. She is committed to exploring issues of community, humanity and spirituality through storytelling, using ancient tales and her own poetic powers to inspire and entertain

Abbie Palache, Storyteller and Teacher, The International School of Storytelling


a completely surprising experience in the best way possible… Charlie really has a fantastic ability to bring out a story from pretty much anyone

Rebecca, Workshop Participant and Actress


Charlie has a creative spirit, she lives each day as an artwork... Stories and song bubble up from inside her giving clarity to significant moments and capturing the imagination of young and old alike.

Ruth Cross, Co-Founder, The Eroles Project


Charlie has a gift for enthusing and involving others, delivering workshops with flair and enthusiasm.  She brings huge intention, energy and integrity to everything she undertakes

Debbie Danon, Training and Partnerships Manager, 3FF

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