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Ravens: A Living Myth

a solo show of mind, medicine and madness

Ravens: A Living Myth

a solo show of mind, medicine and madness

"Metanoia - a process of fundamental change in the human personality"

In this show, I share my personal story, a dark night of the soul, of losing my mind and coming back again, interwoven with the story of The Seven Ravens and original songs.
  I tell this story on behalf of some of the stories less often talked about publicly, including a period of hospitalisation in a mental health unit in England. 


Performed in 2019 and 2020 in Tel Aviv and Pardes Hanna, Israel.

Approx Running Time: 50 mins. Contact for bookings

True Stories Storytelling Nights

rest for a while now, the night is young...

Everyone has a story to tell. From the simple to the profound, the hilarious to the horrifying; every cell in our body, every memory, footstep and blink of the eye contains a story. Which stories are living within us that want to be told?

True Stories Nights: Real people, real stories, 7 storytellers, 7 minutes each.

True Stories has its' home in wandering locations across Jaffa and has been alive and kicking since 2017.

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Kesem's Cabaret

life is a cabaret, old chum!

Kesem's Cabaret is a playful, inclusive evening of hidden talent and creativity.  All of our performers are a mix of both non-professionals and professionals, spanning music, dance and poetry, to clowning, theatre and storytelling, and even interactive cookery demonstrations!  Adding to the magic, our spectacular house musicians keep the atmosphere lively after the show!  



~ Back to Childhood @Artopus Collective (2019)

~ Hidden Mysteries @Yung Yiddish (2018)

~ Rising Again @Yung Yiddish (2017)

~ Purim Special @HaBayit (2017)

~ The Opening @HaBayit (2017)

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