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#2 Storytelling as a Portal

A few weeks ago I started having a pain in my right hand, my dominant hand. The pain didn’t subside. It only got worse.

Doctors, resting, medicine...

As I find myself in a beautifully blessed period where life and work flourish, so too the pain continues to disable me.

Driving, getting dressed and cooking right now are either not possible or I need help.

Typing just about manages to work.

I wonder, when a certain motif enters our personal story - illness, birth, death, everything and anything in between - it most probably has something to say. (Unless you are someone who prefers not to ascribe meaning to these things and well, that is mighty fine too!).

One perspective - as my great teacher, Roi Gal-Or would urge, is to ask the question -

not, WHY did this happen to me?

Rather, why did this happen FOR me?

What is the gift to be found in this particular chapter or event in my life?

I am not quite sure how to apply this to the horror stories we unfortunately so often hear of in this life - but perhaps even the telling of the story itself can bring some medicine to the matter and a possible answer to the question?

I’d like to invite you to share something small about “why did this happen FOR me?”

For example, I might say - after experiencing a psychotic breakdown, I became much much closer to my family, I had a much stronger sense of self and purpose, and I had a bloody good story to tell!

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