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Child’s Song

Updated: Jun 28, 2020


Having just “passed-over” the epic holiday of Passover, I decided it was time to complete some poems of mine, created in their raw “bare bones” form, over the last few years.  Hopefully this momentum will pick up and keep me sharing and writing.  That is my intention anyway.   While I’m at it, I thought I would also share some of my visual artwork, seeing as it has mostly been hidden away in books, boxes, memory cards and computer files!

Normally my poetry, I feel, is best off the page and out through voice and body (i.e. live), but as a start, I am going to share it in the written form.


Child’s Song

You put your palms close

to the chaotic dancing

yellow flame,

just to know that you’re


The heat licks,


with passion

–and you wail.

Vibrato moans

vocal chords surrender;

you leave the door slightly ajar

just to be heard from afar.


to your sorrow,

your discomfort –

human Divine.

Soft plucking rhythm,

tinkle of cymbal

and the women sing out.

Wrapped in a soft lilac blanket,

gently rocking.

Then once more

she sings.


This poem was inspired by Cinematic Orchestra’s ‘Child’s Song’, which held me beautifully for a period of my life a couple of years ago – you know how music can do that?

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