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This Year…

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

This year…

~ I dedicate my life to that which brings me joy – music, water, craft, body-movement, expression

~ I practice the fine art of not giving a fuck! Like REALLY dance like no one’s watching. (Except maybe the G!ds, give them a fine show!)

~ I dedicate time to the holy and healthy expression of feelings – anger, shame, disgust, sadness, fear, anxiety – you all have a place. Welcome. Let me excavate you from my insides. And then release. Joy, ecstasy, love, wonder, content, let me revel in your beauty.

~ I follow the flow and jam with life (credit to Guy Zandy Zandman for excellent life philosophy)

~ I keep my feet on the ground and dance with life, even if it’s a muddy dance sometimes

~ I accept what is. With grace, understanding, compassion and empathy

~ I give thanks for the unbelievably excellent people in my life. Not having family here in Israel makes my friends my family and I am so lucky to have such a smashingly great family here! I choose loving and nourishing relationships, watering them with an open heart, patience and joy.

~ I give thanks for abundance – all that I have been and am blessed with, my lovely home and neighbourhood, fruits from the tree, seeds from the Earth, trees, grass, the fresh Ocean air and salty cleansing water, the Sun, Moon and Stars that shine no matter what, the falling rain and the wandering wind

~ I give thanks to the Oneness and the Allness and the Mystery and the Everythingness. I remember beauty and joy even in the darkness, and that they both need each other to exist

~ I give thanks to me – to the Fire in the heart, that always lights the way…

Credit to Caroline Gilbert for photos and being my mother

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